Layering it – powders and frits

I’ve been working on a new style of beads, that look a bit like glass excavated from ancient ruins. LOL – at least that’s what they remind *me* off :).

For this technique I’m applying up to 8 layers of powders and frit onto the bead to achieve the weathered look with a unique texture. Mostly I’m etching them after annealing, because I feel it enhances the “old ruins” look of the glass. “Mykonos

However, sometimes the colors are so nice that it’s hard for me to make up my mind. And in these cases, the customer can decide. Here is an example of two sets of beads. First I made this set and they sold right away:

The customer decided that she doesn’t want them etched and I made a bracelet for her out of the beads. One day later I made this set of beads with the same “glass recipe” and etched them. “Pompeji

Amazing how the etching treatment can give beads a completely different look. This applies especially with my “Ancient” beads, because the etching highlights the texture that is created by using the frits and powders.

To check out these beads in my Etsy shop, follow these links: Pompeji and Mykonos. Thanks for looking 🙂

Gotta go – time to hit the torch :). Talk soon,


2 responses to “Layering it – powders and frits

  1. These are gorgeous Judith! I love the satin finish etching gives beads, and these definitely have that antique-ancient treasure look to them!
    xoxo Nikki

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