Color. Lots of it.

I love to make these “Batik” beads. Normally I keep them in the Pink/Purple color range, using mainly EDP (see the second to last picture).
But this time I used a base of velvety olive, combined it with Zimmermann Purple Rose (oh, how do I love this color) and a very vivid orange.

Sumatra Batik (available in my Etsy shop).

Just to see the contrast, here I used a much softer color palette. These are called “Lavender Batik”. Looks completely different, no?

And for the kick of it, a couple of other color options that I used for this style:

Now, the next photo shows the beads that I really really wanted to recreate. This “Delinda Batik” set is from 2011, and I loved it so much that I planned to redo it. However – for some reason the olive is not showing as much as I would like in the Sumatra beads. Not quite sure why, as I am convinced that I used exactly the same base. Or not? Dang! The longer I look at these older beads, the more I’m convinced that it is in fact Zimmermann Avocado that I used here as a base, and not Reichenbach Olive. Mmmmm …. something worth to test again…

Wishing you a colorful day 🙂


8 responses to “Color. Lots of it.

  1. Love the play of colors, Zimmermann glasses do! Especially in the combinations with orange – you have a wonderful sense for colors, Wish I was as lucky as you, having some of the rods in stock ;0)

  2. Danke Michaela!
    Unfortunately I waited too long before getting my bum into gear and buying some Zimmermann once they stopped producing.
    All of the good colors were already gone from the shop.
    So I had to buy the Z99 for lots of money through the LE Garage Sale. Expensive, but so worth it!
    Viele liebe Gruesse nach Oesterreich 🙂

  3. Na klar :).
    Bin ja in Deutschland geboren und aufgewachsen!
    Da nutze ich gerne jede Gelegenheit, mein Deutsch wieder rauszukramen (na, so schlimm ist es nicht … ich spreche mit meinen zwei Maedels eigentlich nur Deutsch).
    Ganz liebe Gruesse, Judith

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