Just published: Moonflowers tutorial :)

Great – finally something exciting happens in my life and I forgot to share it with my readers :). With vacations in Europe, visitors from Germany & Belgium coming over to our place, a trip to Oregon and start of school, I completely forgot to write about my short tutorial which was published in the September 2012 issue of “The Soda Lime Times” magazine.

In a step-by-step guide I’m explaining how to make one of my signature beads, the “Moonflowers“:

Thanks so much to Diane Woodall, owner of The Soda Lime Times, for talking me into writing the tutorial. It was the first time that I made one, and the biggest problem were the photos. It’s not that easy to make beads, and at the same time take pictures of the process (where’s my third and fourth hand?). I had to reshoot quite a few of them, but in the end it all turned out well.

Here is a variation of this style, using a more muted color range with an ivory base color and an earthy silver glass color, all decorated with subtle copper dichro accents. I called them “Desert Flowers” and they’re currently available on Etsy:

And a few more examples of the technique, using a variety of colors by manufacturers such as Double Helix, TAG and StrikingColor.

Don’t forget to check out all the other amazing silver glass tutorials by Dawn Scannell, Hayley Tsang Sather and Debbie Sanders in this month’s  The Soda Lime Times!



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