More “Softies”

Maybe you saw the “Something Soft” post in August (if not, just click here).

Well, I got a custom order for this style of beads, which I finished yesterday night. Here are the 20 beads, cleaned and all ready to be shipped to the customer:

Aren’t they pretty?
And as a good business owner, you’ve gotta streamline your work LOL! So I used the opportunity to make beads in the same style, however, in a lovely blue-ish gray. I called them “Misty Waves“, and added a couple of spacers too. They’re currently listed on Etsy. So go and check them out!

Now enough of all this softness and matte-ness :). Tomorrow there will be a lot more glam and glitz around here: I have some pretty Gold Aventurine beads cooling down in the kiln :).

Talk later, have a good night,


3 responses to “More “Softies”

  1. Hi Beth – Yes, I can make some more of these this week.
    Do you want me to send you a link to Etsy, once I listed them?
    Thanks so much for your interest, Judith 🙂

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