Dance of Seven Veils

I just listed two new sets in my signature “Veil” style. Both of them use silver glass and gold aventurine.

For the “Dancing Veils” special nuggets I hand pulled ribbons of gold aventurine and paired them with the always lovely, extremely rare Double Helix “Terra” silver glass. I just love the color effects that Terra develops in the flame … it’s always a surprise when I open the kiln door the next morning.Sometimes I get more purples, sometimes more blues or cream.

Dancing Veils, 10 large special Nuggets


For the next set of large donuts I used a rare odd lot, which is also a Terra Prototype, but produces slightly different colors. Here I added gold aventurine stringer, which is more subtle than in the beads above. I called it Seven Veils after the Dance of the Seven Veils by Salome. Oh, if you don’t know the story, better don’t google for Image results, else you will get lots of … let’s call it “Burlesque” photos on your screen LOL.

I better rush to my studio … it’s time to dip those mandrels and melt some glass :).

Talk soon,


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