Bead Giveaway: Naming Competition

Help me to find a name for the newest addition to my Floats collection – and win a Floats hollow bead!

I would love to hear your suggestions for this new Floats necklace. The colors are copper green, silver gray and amethyst with silver tassle.

Naming requirements: a country/city/place that could be easily associated with these colors.

Let me know your ideas by the end of this weekend!

Please post your name suggestion on my Facebook fan page (click here). If you don’t use Facebook, of course you can also leave a comment here in my blog 🙂

As mentioned, there will be a prize (one large Floats hollow bead in a color of your choice)!

Talk soon,


5 responses to “Bead Giveaway: Naming Competition

  1. How about “Atlantis Risen” or “Atlantis Found” (as in the Lost City of Atlantis) – Atlantis floats to reality in this necklace. The colors and floats remind me of images over the years of Atlantis and the sea (and now the resort). Images of colors of Atlantis:

  2. Hi Judith –

    I just posted a comment/suggestion on your blog “Atlantis Found” (e.g. Atlantis floats to reality in this necklace…). btw, LOVE it!! 😀

    Andrea 🙂

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