Current Obsessions: #3 Drops

How many things can you be obsessed about? With me, it’s currently these three different shapes that I concentrate on for my finished jewelry lines:


Floats (which are basically just modified hollows), and

– Drops

It’s been a long time that I’m fascinated with icicles, just see this blog post from January 2011 (which didn’t even mark the start of my icicle love). So over the time I made lots of icicles and abstract versions of them. Here’s just a small selection of them from autumn/winter 2011:

Taking these earlier icicles shapes, I am currently making variations of them, which I am also decorating, mostly with silver glass or with gold and silver leaf.

This new series is called “Drops” and it explores the concepts of transparency, fluidity and gravity.

Here are a couple of different necklaces that I made with beads out of my “Drops” series.

This is just a small selection of my finished jewelry for sale. Check them out in my Etsy jewelry shop. I’ll be adding many more in time before Christmas, and I’ll also blog about new additions just in time to get these last-minute-Christmas gifts sorted out.

Talk soon,