New torch for a new year

Fresh beginnings … just look what the mailman brought to my door today:


It’s my new torch, a Carlisle Mini CC. Can’t wait to try it out. Now, if I just had some time today to play with it. Ohh, the possibilities!

But I’m writing a blog post about hollow beads for Artisan Whimsy, which needs to be finished by Wednesday. I have barely started, and still need to make all the photos at the torch. Oh – wait a minute! Maybe I should hook up my new torch to make the tutorial photos! Hahahahaha, now that’s a good idea.

 Off into the studio to hook it up … and I’ll report back in a couple of days to let you know how it goes with the new torch, and how I’m managing with the adjustment. Currently I’ve been using a GTT Cricket, but hope to get more radiant hit with the Mini CC, so that I can work larger beads. Hope the learning curve isn’t too steep.

I’m wishing all of my readers already now a great start into 2013 … hope it’s a fabulously creative year for all of us!

Talk soon,



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  1. Looking forward to new torch, new creations, new Year. WOW everything is new!

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