Update on “Going big …” & changes to Etsy pictures

You might remember my “Going big … and maybe even bigger post”, where I talked about how much I enjoy currently to make BIG beads. Which was of course also was one of the reasons that I purchased the new torch that provides more radiant heat.

Soooo … yes, I’m going BIG now. Not quite as big as some of the badass lampworkers do. Yet … LOL. But I definitely enjoy taking my beads to new dimensions. In the last couple of weeks I’ve been not only working on the “Motion” pendants, that are large, but also on the Color Blocks necklaces, that feature big hollow beads.

I met a couple of lampworking friends for lunch last weekend, and they were surprised to see the size of the Color Blocks beads. It seems, on the normal photos it’s difficult to envision the size of the beads. So just for reference I’m doing now an additional photo for Etsy to display the beads on my hand, which hopefully gives a better idea about the sizing.

So here is a comparison of two photos. I hope it shows the proportions of the beads a bit better than just the usual studio photos that I make.

Normal studio picture


With my hand for size reference (yes, these beads are elliptical)


Here’s another example with a “Motions” pendant. “Normal” photo for Etsy:


Kind of difficult to see how large or small the bead is. I agree.  Additional new photo:


It does make it kind of clearer, or?

I guess for all the bigger beads I’ll now add one of these photos to Etsy. I do agree with what my friends said … just by looking at the normal photo, it’s very hard to even get an idea of how small or big the beads are. And let’s face it, most people just don’t read the measurement descriptions.

So, I’ll go ahead and change my Etsy listings. Size DOES matter, after all 🙂  

Talk soon,