Prancing Horse

PrancingHorse1  RearingHorse1

Colorful, handmade XXL-sized glass bead from my “Horses” series.

Wonderful gift for all collectors and lovers of horses.
One side shows a prancing horse, the second side shows a rearing horse as a silhouette.

Black base with enamel decoration in sunset and rainbow colors.

Please note: The bead is NOT made with a decal fused on it or painted on, so there is no risk of the horse motif ever rubbing off or getting scratched.

Size: 38 x 37.5 x 17 mm (1.5″ x 1.5″ x 0.7″).
Hole Size: 3/32″

Available as made-to-order in my Etsy shop here

PrancingHorseOutside1 PrancingHorseOutside2