Grow your Alcohol Ink Art Business - New Facebook Community

Alcohol Inks

✅ Are you an Alcohol Ink Artist, or want to pursue a career as artist?

✅ Do you want to grow your existing creative business (or are you just starting out to build your alcohol ink business)? 

✅ Do you want a place to learn about the business and marketing side of your alcohol ink biz, where you can ask questions, discuss, learn and share? 

Then join our Alcohol Ink business community on Facebook, a group of friendly AI artists, who are all here to help each other succeed! Click here to request to join!


 "Grow your Alcohol Ink Business" is THE community to talk about business and marketing with other Alcohol Ink Artists. The main target is to grow our biz audience and grow our success, online & offline.

The group is dedicated to discussing and sharing of business and marketing tips, social media growth tips, ideas and ways to create and grow your business and generate income from alcohol ink art.

We invite every kind of alcohol ink artist interested in business and marketing here, from folks who are just beginning to experts who have already a full time art business.

If you dream about having an alcohol ink art business, or want to make it bigger and more successful, our group is for you! Click here to request to join 


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