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Judith Billig Art: Nothing left to lose, work in progress


Dear Readers,

As concerns about the spread of the coronavirus COVID-19 increase, I wanted to talk about what is happening in my studio and what I'm doing to care for my clients during this time. 

My plan is as follows: 

Working remotely, connecting digitally: Because my studio is in my home, I have all the resources and tools I need to continue creating art. However, as art shows and upcoming exhibitions have been canceled, I currently can sell my art only through my website and Etsy. I'm hustling from home and I'm here to support you with the best service you’ve come to expect. 

Your health comes first: Every painting and package leaving my studio will be thoroughly wiped down with sanitizer to protect the health and wellbeing of my clients and our community at large. 

Additionally, I canceled all in-person art classes that I had planned for the months of March and April. I'm continuing to keep an eye on the situation and make further adjustments to the class schedule if and when necessary. 

Taking care of one another: I will be donating 10% of my profits over the next 3 months to Second Harvest of Silicon Valley, a local organization supporting vulnerable families who need food assistance during this difficult time.

The health and well-being of my clients, and the community are of utmost importance to me as we all come together and navigate the road ahead.

Thank you for your steadfast support of my art - I am truly grateful.
Best wishes - all please stay healthy.  

Talk soon,


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