Drawing inspiration - or being a Copycat?

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Drawing inspiration is a good thing. And important for all artists, no matter if a young painter or a more experienced artist.


But at some point - especially when the artist starts selling their work - I feel one has to slowly start finding their own creativity instead of copying only other artists, that they maybe look up to.

And it’s a big difference whether a budding artist copies someone’s style to improve their artistry and learn more about their own creativity.

Or if a selling artist copies someone’s work to make a profit and selling their pieces. And “conveniently” forgets to credit the original painter and inspiration.

How to know the difference?

Be really honest.

When you take a step back and look at your work and it is too close to your inspiration, try to change things up. Put your own spin on it.

If they are afterward still looking too much alike, you might consider not posting it on social media or selling it.

If you feel that somebody could even think the word “copy” when they look at your artwork, don’t sell it.

Because people notice. You are not the only one borrowing that art book from the public library or watching these youtube videos.

It is much better to learn from it and use it to improve your own creativity, than risking to be called a copycat.

What are your thoughts? Please let me know here.

Talk soon,


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