Female Artists over 50 - if not now, when?

Female artists, especially in a “certain age” (= no longer young) have often problems to carve out a space for their creativity and their artistic career. We read and hear that to pursue an artistic or creative career, you have to have “made it” in your 20’s or 30’s. 

This is not only a wrong idea, but it also puts an enormous amount of pressure on us creatives to be successful in an early age - or not at all.
This celebration of youth can discourage some of us, who discover their interest in arts and crafts only in their middle age, or even keep them from considering the idea of pursuing an artistic path at all.

Let’s keep it real: Female artists, especially once they hit 50, face a lot of sexism and ageism. Many of the hottest galleries and hippest art magazines are run by “millenials”, who are convinced that creativity either declines with age, or that older women are not relevant enough for their establishments.

Far from it! Many successful artists (no matter the sex) create amazing artwork throughout their entire life, and many of their best pieces in their later years. I am convinced that with the years we acquire the experience and, if we are lucky, the wisdom to put some of our best pieces out there.

Georgia O’Keeffe painted throughout the later years of her life. Beatrice Wood, Lisa Congon and Vivienne Westwood are some other contemporary examples.

I believe that we should drop the idea that we are too much or too little of anything to be a successful creative. Too old, too inexperienced, too entangled in our current life, too whatever.

You’re never too old or too female to pursue a creative career. I created “Artsy Broads over 50” to build a supportive community that celebrates older female creatives. Here we can laugh about ourselves, share stories, inspire and motivate each other, network with other kickass artists and help each other in growing our artistic ambitions and businesses. 

It is never too late to start again with a new beginning or to reinvent yourself.

If not now, when?


Talk soon,  

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