How to create a Galaxy Finish with Alcohol Inks

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Sometimes a high-impact makeover can be so quick and easy.

For example this very basic nightstand here, that I bought out of necessity for our guest bedroom. I had to find something really fast for a last-minute visitor, and I had no time to search for a special piece. The very day that I bought this nightstand in an outlet store, I was already thinking about which kind of makeover I could give it to add more personality and color.

Here is the "Before" photo: 


Today I finally tackled this project. As you might know, I not only paint wall art with alcohol inks, but I’m also a furniture painter. You would think that I used alcohol inks already before to transform furniture, wouldn’t you? Well, far from the truth - until this morning I had never “married” these two sides of my creativity.

I took the opportunity to do this furniture makeover as a Facebook Live Broadcast, so that my Facebook fans had the opportunity to watch it all as it unfolded.

Here is the finished nightstand with the brandnew Galaxy Finish.
Please scroll down to find the video instructions.


Let’s first gather all the supplies. To help you find the products that I used, I created a list of project supplies for you in Amazon. This is an affiliate link - you are not paying a cent more to use any of the links, and I will get a little commission. See my full disclaimer here.


Supplies - click here for complete list:

Pinata Alcohol Inks “Purple Passion”, “Senorita Magenta” and “Sapphire Blue”

Pinata Metallic Brass Mixative

Ranger “Snow Cap” mixative (= white)

Ranger Alcohol Blending Solution

Drinking Straw 

Protective gloves, Kitchentowels, Protective table cover



Refillable Watercolor Brushes

Drinking Straw (simple plastic, or stainless steel)  

Protective gloves, paper towels, protective table cover


Sealing (please check out my tutorial on how to seal alcohol inks here):

Krylon Kamar spray

Krylon UV Archival spray


Video Instructions (edited and shortened version of the Facebook Live broadcast) 



Quick summary of the technique: I first doused the drawer fronts with Ranger Alcohol Blending solution, then dropped color right from the bottle into the blending solution. I also added some Pinate Brass mixative and then used the straw to move and blend the ink. .

I also applied Pinata Brass Mixative for that added sparkle and metallic shimmer.

This project was so easy, quick and really transform this basic nightstand into a colorful, Galaxy-spectacular statement piece! 

Nightstand with Galaxy finish, painted with Alcohol Inks


Sealing your Alcohol Ink Art 

If you ever worked with alcohol inks before, than you know that this video tutorial doesn't show the very important step of sealing the alcohol ink. 

This is necessary to ensure light-fastness and protect the inks from scratches or blotching. I mentioned the sealing process and the products that I use at the end of the video, but if you missed it or would like an in-depth description, I've created a detailed blog post about how to seal alcohol inks. Please follow this link if you want to learn all about it.


I hope you found this Facebook Live Demo helpful and inspiring. This Galaxy finish can be used on all kinds of surfaces and objects, not only on furniture. Maybe give it a try on a Christmas ornament, or a galvanized metal sign?

If you liked this post, please be sure to pin it for later and check out my other alcohol ink projects below. Thanks for stopping by!

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Talk soon, 

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