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Alcohol Inks Canvas New Painting Silver Leaf


I'm very excited about this new painting that I called "In The Garden" because of it's stylized flowers. It has so much texture and vibrancy and some sparkle too! I hope that comes across in these photos.

It's my largest alcohol ink painting so far. I did work already larger in acrylics, but have not attempted such a big piece in alcohol inks.

After creating texture with Golden molding paste and preparing the canvas for alcohol inks with a few coats of Golden Gesso, I applied a gorgeous and vibrant color combo of yellow, orange, red, hot pink and purple. I used Jacquard Pinata inks for this painting. I really love the Pinata inks because they are super saturated, highly pigmented and have a superior light-fastness.  

I was first intimidated to work on such a large canvas, because alcohol inks have a short workability as they tend to dry quickly. But I worked with a larger brush and in small sections, always only painting one of the rings that are meant to be stylized flowers.   

After the ink was dried sufficiently, I added silver leaf for that special bling and sparkle. To apply the silver leaf, I used a special metal leaf adhesive, which is applied directly onto the painting. After 15 minutes drying time, the silver leaf can be applied (I will create a special blog post that explains all about how to apply metal leaf onto your paintings).  

As always, this painting has been protected with sealer, UV archival spray for light-fastness and several layers of topcoat for protection and longevity.

I was thrilled with the outcome and plan to create more of these large canvases.

In fact I was so happy, that I used the "In The Garden" painting as background for the promotional material for my upcoming exhibition.

Check out the headshot that will be used for marketing the show: 


Talk soon, 

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