Updated Class Schedule

Alcohol Inks Classes and Workshops

The first Alcohol Ink class last month was a great success. We all had a blast, and I'm so proud of my students ... they created amazing alcohol ink art!

After receiving feedback from the students, I implemented a couple of changes. First of all ... and I'm super excited about that ... all classes are now 3 hours long (instead of 2 hours). 

Second of all, I changed the venue. Unfortunately the ventilation in the previous venue was not good enough to ensure that it's a fabulous experience. Ventilation is super important when working with isopropyl alcohol and alcohol inks, and I want to make sure that all safety concerns are taken into considerations. 

That's why all upcoming classes happen at the Community and Cultural Center in Morgan Hill, and I trust that it will make for an even better experience. 

Please find the updated class schedule above. 

And I'm also super excited for the two new classes in March. The first one is the "Modern Florals" class, and that's when you not only learn how to create blooms and flowers, but also how to use an airbrush and canned air to move the ink. 

And already a week later the "Abstract Landscapes" class happens. Here you can learn everything about Alcohol Ink landscapes, for example how to

  • create a soft background wash
  • create an Aurora Borealis background
  • change the value of the ink to create depth
  • use canned air and an airbrush and much more. 


Hope to see you in one of the upcoming classes! 

Talk soon, 

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