Why is it so dang hard for me to maintain my newsletter?

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I guess deep down we all know that it is important for any business to maintain an email list and keep our potential and recurring customers informed about whatever is happening in our studio and our business.

But for some reason I am struggling to regularly write to my email contacts and remind them that I'm still here, chipping away, making art. From time to time I resolve to update my subscribers more regularly, write two newsletters in one month, and then ... crickets. This pattern repeats itself over and over.   

A couple of years ago, I thought that email marketing is no longer important or will even go away. Social media was getting more and more important, especially for visual artists and creative businesses.

But then something "evil" happened with Facebook's way to display business page posts. And as a result, fewer and fewer followers saw my posts and updates on social media - and there's no real way except for paid ads and boosts to change that. 

So, as it turned out, I was wrong back in the days. Email marketing is not dead, and it's in fact a very important marketing tool because we're not at the whim of a social media platform and it's algorithm. Our subscribers did give us explicit permission to send them business updates, information about new work, and even sales offers. That means that our newsletters are a direct connection between us as the artist and our customers.

Let that sink in. On social media there's no guarantee that even a small part of our followers see the update. If we send newsletters to our email list, it's guaranteed that the information arrives in our contact's inbox. Of course that still doesn't mean that they open our email, but that's a different story for a different blog post. 

So I guess I start to realize that I can not rely only on social media and that an email list is actually super powerful! 

And to get the full benefit, we are supposed to send updates regularly, ideally once a week (some do it even more often), and at the very least once a month. Because we don't want our subscribers to actually forget who we are. 

But why is it that I struggle so much to send regular newsletters, or write regular blog posts, for all that it's worth? 

In our day and age, storytelling and the "power of the story" are being hailed by almost all marketing experts as the most powerful marketing tool. We are not supposed to (and I certainly don't want to) flood subscribers with emails that just scream "hey, go and buy my art NOW".  

Sharing some things about the process, the daily studio life, and revealing a bit of ourselves and our thought process when creating art is proven to create a deeper and longer-lasting connection with our potential customers.  

And I believe that's why I was struggling so much in the past. I don't want to push sale-sy emails, but on the other hand, I believe myself to be so boring and my life so uneventful, that I'm struggling to deem anything interesting enough to send out into the world.

And it seems it's not just me. I've talked about it with other artists, and so many of us struggle with this. We know that we can't just push only our new work (or unsold work), and we can't imagine that someone outside of our closest family and friend circle would be interested to hear about the up and downs of the daily studio life.

But I also talked with my non-artistic friends as well as a couple of my customers. And to my surprise I learned that this is not true at all. It turns out, that people that are not artists are actually quite fascinated by an artist's life and the process of how art is being created, as well as what is all involved.
Who would have known? 

Does that make it any easier for me to write a newsletter? I'm not sure yet. Because I'm on top of it also a horrible procrastinator. But I have hope that it'll help me get over the feeling that nobody would be interested to hear about the process of creating, even though it seems totally boring and rather mundane to me. 

So here's to a newfound attitude towards my email duties! I actually wrote my first newsletter for a very long time yesterday. And it didn't even hurt LOL. I will try to keep it up this time. Because I realized that one of the mistakes that many artists make (and I'm one of them), is to not nurture enough our potential and existing customers. 

Having said all that .... are you already on my newsletter subscription list? If not, you can subscribe on my homepage at the bottom of the page! Thank you <3.  

Talk soon, 


PS. Now I completely forgot to talk about these two new paintings. This week I took a break from portraits, and spend some time relaxing with abstracts. The top painting is called "Snowdrift", and the second painting "Polar". Not totally surprising, patterns of ice and snow were my inspiration.
Both of them are available as giclee art prints and as canvas prints. 








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