Can’t quite find THE perfect painting for you? Or maybe one of my paintings has already caught your eye, but it's not quite the right size or color.

Don’t worry. I’ve got you covered - because I also offer commissions. 

How does it work?

Contact me through my contact form, so that we can start discussing your perfect painting.

Please let me know the size you would like, your budget, which colors you prefer, and maybe you know already exactly which style you like (for example, you like my painting "Iron Mountains", but would like to have something similar in teal and black).

We can then discuss further requirements, such as the substrate you would like (canvas or art paper), if you want your painting framed, and of course the all important price.

Once all the details are agreed on, I'll prepare a contract that covers all points and I'll require your sign-off.

After signing the contract, I require 50% of a non-refundable deposit. After payment, I'll start with your painting. During the painting process, I will be in contact with you via email with progress photos and updates for review and sign-off. 

Once the piece is finished and ready to be shipped, you pay the remaining balance, plus shipping (and tax, if any). 

What can I commission?

To avoid disappointment of my clients, I only accept commissions that are within my painting style and expertise. Which means, if you request for example a replica of the Mona Lisa, I'll have to regretfully decline.

How much will it cost?

That totally depends on the size, material, and painting style that you would like for your painting. Once I know more details about your project, I can give you a quote.

After signing the contract, 50% of the price are required as a non-refundable first installment, which covers materials. Once the piece is finished and ready to be shipped, the remaining balance (plus shipping and tax, if any) is required.

How long will it take?

Again, that depends on size and painting style, but also on my current waitlist for commissions. I can give you an estimated finish date, once I know more details.

Can I return a commissioned piece?

Unfortunately I do not accept returns of commissioned artwork.

I have more questions!

No problem - send me a message, and I'm happy to answer all your questions.